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 What could be more simple and more complex,
more obvious and more profound than a portrait.
– Charles Baudelaire 


Los Angeles, California, USA, 1991, USA-10023Portraits_BookPORTRAITS_BookLos Angeles, California, United States

As human beings we are fascinated with how we and others look.
Diane Arbus talked about the gap between intention and effect as revealed in portraiture.
People put on make-up and adorn themselves because they want to create an effect and
give a certain impression, but often other people look at them and say it’s tragic or comical or curious or funny or odd.
Portraiture can be that kind of sharp critique.


00008_11, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2002Kabul, Afghanistan

A good portrait is one that says something about the person. 
We usually see parts of ourselves in others, so the
good portrait should also say something about the human condition.

01512 031Mizoram, India


Most of my portraits are not formal situations;
they are found situations. 

Restaurant, Kunduz, Afghanistan, 2002, final book_iconicBamiyan, Afghanistan

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Visions in faces

The diversity of the human species is immense and as travel becomes more widespread due to time-space convergence, globalisation and migration we come to realise, that regardless of how we look, we are once race – the Human Race.

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